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The QuickBird satellite is the first in a constellation of sub-meter spacecraft that DigitalGlobe has developed that offers highly accurate, commercial high-resolution imagery of Earth. QuickBird’s global collection of panchromatic and multispectral imagery is designed to support applications ranging from map publishing to land and asset management to insurance risk assessment. DigitalGlobe completed an orbit raise in April of 2011 designed to extend the mission life of the QuickBird sensor. An operational altitude of 482 km was achieved with an expected gradual descent to 450 km by early 2013. Today, DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird satellite offers sub-meter resolution imagery, high geolocation accuracy, and large on-board data storage.

- High resolution
    -> 65 cm panchromatic at nadir
    -> 2.62 m multispectral at nadir
- High image accuracy
    -> Stable platform for precise location measurement
    -> 3-axis stabilized, star tracker/IRU/reaction wheels, C/A Code GPS - Fast large area collection
    -> 18.0 km width imaging swath
    -> 128 gigabits on-board image storage capacity - High image quality
    -> Off-axis unobscured design of QuickBird’s telescope
    -> Large field-of-view
    -> 1 High contrast (MTF)
    -> High signal to noise ratio
    -> 11 bit dynamic range
- Acquire high quality satellite imagery for map creation, change detection, and image analysis
- Geolocate features to within 23 m and create maps in remote areas without the use of ground control points
- Collect a greater supply of frequently updated global imagery products
- Extend the range of suitable imaging collection targets and enhance image interpretability

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