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Sectionwizard is compatible with leading PC-based engineering software applications and metric and imperial unit systems, making it an invaluable tool for the structural engineer, allowing fast and accurate calculation of section properties and retrieval of stress values for custom and assembled shapes.


Create custom shapes from built-in sections and plates. Over 12 international steel tables are provided including US, British, Dutch, German, Russian, Canadian and Indian. Calculate section properties of custom and built-up shapes: area, moment of inertia, plastic moduli, section modulus, center of gravity, shear center, torsional constant, shear area and warping constants (plastic resisting moments).
Create any free form sections (even curved surfaces!), insert holes and openings of any shape, create chamfers and fillets. Sectionwizard has a CAD user interface enabling the engineer to outline any section imaginable.
Create a customized library of parametric sections and mathematically define parameter relationships.
Easily move and rotate internal contours or cutouts by dragging and dropping.
Build shapes with composite materials.
Metric or imperial units supported.
Show stresses at any point of a cross section based on axial forces and moments about principal axes. (Compare actual stress calculations with allowable to verify the adequacy of your section).
Create STAAD.Pro user tables to assign the properties to members in a structure.
Create customizable Microsoft Word reports.
Automatic generation of equivalent sections. For example, create a polygon with holes and ask for a wide flange shape with equivalent properties so a proper code check can be performed.
Import any DXF or DWG file.
Full context sensitive help along with several movie tutorials.
Use the final section properties in any structural analysis and design program.